Katie O’Connor (IRE) @Albert Heim Hütte – Realp am FR 12.7.19


Es wird Sommer. Es wird heiss werden. Wir sind uns da sicher. Daher gibt’s am Freitag den 12. Juli 2019 auf 2543 m ü.M. in der Albert Heim Hütte ein Dublin Sud Konzert mit Katie O’Connor (IRE) Singer-Songwriterin aus Galway. Roman Felber und sein Hüttenteam zaubern zudem ein feines Znacht und beherbergt uns auf der Hütte.

Wir starten mit dem feinen Schmaus und der Musik ab 18 Uhr. Reservation ist daher zwingend nötig. Kosten richten sich nach den Hüttenpreisen exkl. Hutkollekte für Konzert

Für alle die Katie noch nicht kennen. Sie reist unglaublich gerne. Vielleicht lernte sie die Gitarre auch nur zu spielen, weil sie dadurch nach Berlin, Sevilla, New York, Glasgow oder auf die Albert Heim Hütte abhauen kann. Geboren würde zwar auch überall, aber als Hebamme wollte sie nicht mehr arbeiten. Sie will sich selber sein und mehr als die vermeintlichen Sicherheiten im Leben haben. Daher ist sie die meiste Zeit “on the road”, erzählt ihre Geschichten an unterschiedlichen Plätzen. Wenn man sie hört, muss man stehen bleiben, zuhören, weil sie die Leidenschaft in ihren Songs uns weitergibt. Eine unvergessliche Singer-Songwriterin. Link: http://caitomusic.co/

Mehr als schön, dass sie sofort zum Albert Heim Abenteuer zusagte. Wenn ihr ebenfalls dabei sein möchtet, dann bitte meldet euch direkt bei der Albert Heim Hütte an und sichert euch einen Musik, Essen- und Schlafplatz unter: https://www.albertheimhuette.ch/preise…/reservationsanfrage/

Ihr findet dort auch die Preisangaben für die Übernachtung und das Essen. Sollte jemand von euch eine Allergie oder vegetarisch oder vegane Kost benötigen, dann meldet dies bitte bei der Reservation an. Konzert ist mit Kollekte.

Anfahrtsweg sowie mögliche Routen für den Aufstieg zur Hütte findet ihr unter: https://www.albertheimhuette.ch/huetteninfo…/zustieg-karten/

Wir freuen uns auf euch!
Das Albert Heim Hütten & Dublin Sud Team

Inni-K (indie-folk) @DubSud on Thursday the 16th of May 2019

Releasing her eagerly awaited second album THE HARE & THE LINE, Inni-K plays @Dublin Sud.

Named as one of ten fierce women defining Irish Culture by RTÉ.ie; Dublin based singer, multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Inni-K has received consistent praise for her fresh style of indie-folk since the release of her acclaimed album, The King has Two Horse’s Ears.

Inni-K’s folk background is always recognizable but clearly here is an artist not afraid to explore into new musical territories. Her mesmerizing vocals set off with tight musicianship and captivating stage presence creates a musical experience, rich with spine-tingling tenderness.

Having shared stages with musicians as varied as Malian kora master Toumani Diabate, drummer Jeff Ballard, Glen Hansard, Liam Ó Maonlaí, Lisa Hannigan & many more, Inni-K is fast becoming a well established presence in Irish music.

Inni-K on the 16th of May 2019 at Bettstatt Bar Luzern.
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Katie O’Connor (singer-songwriter) @DubSud on Thursday the 2nd of May 2019

Hey guys,

Katie here and I am over the moon to announce the first tour of 2019 – the TRUST Tour! Woohoo!

Since my first busk in 2011, I have been supported in all kind of ways by my listeners-come-friends and together we have created some beautifully unique moments through the years. It always seems to work out because you have faith in me and I have faith in you. We build each other up to do brilliant things! I believe that is what this journey is about.

The intention was to become a midwife. But intention and desire collided for Katie O’Connor in 2011 on the streets of Galway, Ireland. Shortly after graduating, she put her qualification in the back pocket, shaved her head and moved to Berlin with just her guitar and her unrivalled voice. Staying true to herself matters much more than the security of staying within the lines of a normal lifestyle.

She is a vagabond. A dreamer. A story-teller. She doesn’t fit the mould. Reasons why she calls Galway home. Yet in true globetrotter fashion, she spends many weeks of the year on the road, telling her stories in clubs, bars, cafes, concert halls and on the street. It is easy to stop and listen because she is genuine with a palpable passion in her songs. Her fourth album ‘Fuel for Dreaming’ has been met with a very positive response from her listeners.

Katie O’Connor on the 2nd of May 2019 @Bettstatt Bar Luzern. Collection Box.

Stoph Bjornson (CH) & Steve Strong (UK) @Dublin Sud Samstag 30.03.19

Neustädli, letzten Sommer. Zwei fanden sich am Tisch zwischen Cordon Bleu, Bristol, Hawaii Hose und ihren Gitarren. Sie schlossen einen Handel. Eine Gitarre geht rauf nach Bristol, eine kommt runter nach Luzern. Hey, es bleibt in der Familie. Aber eben, „You won’t part with yours either“. Daher vereinen sich am Samstag den 30.3.2019 in der Bettstatt Bar Ambient Afro mit Alternative Experimental Post Rock. Sie können nicht ohne die Eine sein.

Stoph Bjornson. Ein Multiinstrumentalist. Man liest von einem virtuosen Tuba-Terror-Lehrling, kennt ihn von der frivolen Volkspunkjazzband Azz Jazz und als Bassist in divers zusammengewürfelten Musikprojekten. Da er sich schlecht vermarkten kann und mein Musikerwissen begrenzt ist, könnte es einige Lücken in der Bio jetzt haben. Daher besser vorbeikommen zu Afro Ambient – Bassist Stoph El Oso Ruckli alias Stoph Bjornson trifft auf …

Steve Strong Music. Er ist ein Chamäleon. Zuhause im Mathe-Rock, Post-Punk, Hardcore, Psychedelia, Trip Hop, experimentellem Jazz und sogar Folk. Ständig ist er am Aufnehmen, spielen und wie Stoph wirkt er in unterschiedlichen Projekten mit. Eine Kultfigur im Untergrund Bristols. Im Januar 2019 brachte er sein zweites Album raus. Turbo Island. Tom Stokley schrieb dazu „it is the music we need right now – astrophysical sounds for troubled times that exist beyond our differences.“

Link: https://stevestrongmusic.bandcamp.com/

Zwei Musiker. Eine Familie. Modern wie Patchwork. Am Samstag, den 30.3.2019 in der Bettstatt Bar um 21 Uhr. Kollekte.

You won’t part with them either.
Let’s share music.

Ciarán McLoughlin (IRE) Folk & Trad Music on the 18th of April 2019

Guitarist and singer began playing music at the age of five. Influenced by the musicians around him, he soon developed a love of traditional and folk music.

Ciarán accredits his style of playing to artists such as John Doyle, Martin Hayes, Dire Straits and Ben Howard. A graduate of the B.A. in Irish Music and Dance at the Irish World Academy, Ciarán has shared the stage with many well-known artists including Lisa Hannigan, Declan O’Rourke, Donal Lunny, Zoë Conway and Paddy Casey to name but a few. Ciarán is currently working on his debut EP which he hopes to release later this year.

Pop in! Thursday the 18th of April 2019 at 8pm in the Bettstatt Bar Lucerne. Collection Box.

Nicholas Timothy (IRE) Folk, Blues, Soul @Dublin Sud on Thursday the 14th of February

Nicholas Timothy is a singer songwriter based on the west coast of Ireland. His original music includes elements of folk, soul and roots music. He will be showcasing a number of songs from his recently released album Down With The Wind along with some older compostions.

Come along for a romantic night of originals and seen as though it is valentines day, a few lovemaking classics to soothe the evening away.

Thursday the 14th of February at 8pm at the B&B Bettstatt Bar Lucerne. Collection Box

Lorcan Lyons (IRE) on Saint Nicolaus Day @DubSud

Lorcan Lyons (IRE), I discovered and picked him up for two years ago at the Another Love Story Festival. He only sings for pure pleasure. He will leave his Mo – SA job for once, just for us, for to bring the Capri-Sun from Ireland to us.

Lorcan has no links or videos. He is the guy from your living room. It will be a surprise like a Samichlaussäckli.

All of that in the Bettstatt Bar, your bar around the corner. The bar with fine cocktails, homemade ginger schnaps and good & home-made beer and fairtrade Spanish nuts. Concert at 8pm. Collection box.

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Yonder Boys (Bluegrass & American Folk) Thursday the 22nd of November 2018

The Yonder Boys are a Berlin-based “Old Time Americana” string band, with roots imbedded in Bluegrass with beautifully sung close harmonies. The band features the duo of Jason Serious (guitar) and David Stewart Ingleton (banjo) who have performed as support for Billy Bragg, The Wood Brothers, Timber Timbre, Other Lives, and Nathaniel Rateliff. They have also performed at such well-known festivals as the Truck Festival in Oxfordshire and Maverick Festival in Suffolk, England. Joining them is multiinstrumentalist Tomás Peralta (double bass, mandolin and lapsteel).

The name “Yonder Boys” comes from the fun fact that all three players hail from separate continents around the globe.

Their self-titled debut EP comes out April 12 on Blue Whale Records.

Yonder Boys, Thursday the 22nd of November 2018 at 8pm – Bettstatt Bar.

Collection Box.

The Curly Organ AKA Donal McConnon (IRE) on the 25th of October 2018 @DublinSud

No idea what to expect. Donal Mc Connon is probably as diverse and pretty freaky as the entire Neustadtstrasse together. It could be the killer of the series Fargo, which seduces people to action with sociological wisdom – I think Donnal could do that with his The Curly Organ as well.

Donal will take our hands and guide us through a museum of human extreme and banal experiences. Sociologists and freaks, that will be fun 🙂

In Galway Donal is well known as a band member of the nationally loved Prog Folk outfit band My Fellow Sponges.

Thursday on the 25th of October around the corner at the Bar of the B&B Bettstatt, Neustadtstr. 10, Lucerne. Collection Box.

Let’s share music! x

Ye Vagabonds (IRE) Folk/Tradmusic on the 13th of September 2018 @DublinSud

Walsh’s Stoneybatter, Dublin. Most likely it was raining when we met the brothers Diarmuid & Brian Mac Gloinn. They were sitting around a table, together with friends during a TradSession. We were lost – in music, in time and in Guiness & Tea. Ye Vagabonds.

They grew up in rural Carlow but moved to Dublin in 2012 and became known on the traditional Irish, blues and folk scenes in the city, playing folk songs as well as their own original material. Their blend of harmonic folk music is influenced by traditional Irish and European music, American old time, and the music of the 1960s folk revival.

Myles O’Reilly, he said once about their music: “Going backwards to go forwards, look not to modern day influence to inspire their sound, but prefer to absorb and reflect the most genuine leanings of deep tradition, playing folk music that resonates as pure and honest as it has since time immemorial. In an age where styles have a limited shelf life, and musicians so often live by definition of their sell-by date, Ye Vagabonds make music that honours timeless sincerity with acoustic fireside storytelling that will sound as current a hundred years from now as it has a hundred generations past.”

Times goes by but it’s still possible to meet Ya Vagabonds in a pub like on Thursday the 13th of September 2018 at the Bar of the B&B Bettstatt-Neustadt in Luzern at 8pm. No reservation possible. Collection Box.

Let’s share music! x