Lorcan Lyons (IRE) on Saint Nicolaus Day @DubSud

Lorcan Lyons (IRE), I discovered and picked him up for two years ago at the Another Love Story Festival. He only sings for pure pleasure. He will leave his Mo – SA job for once, just for us, for to bring the Capri-Sun from Ireland to us.

Lorcan has no links or videos. He is the guy from your living room. It will be a surprise like a Samichlaussäckli.

All of that in the Bettstatt Bar, your bar around the corner. The bar with fine cocktails, homemade ginger schnaps and good & home-made beer and fairtrade Spanish nuts. Concert at 8pm. Collection box.

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Yonder Boys (Bluegrass & American Folk) Thursday the 22nd of November 2018

The Yonder Boys are a Berlin-based “Old Time Americana” string band, with roots imbedded in Bluegrass with beautifully sung close harmonies. The band features the duo of Jason Serious (guitar) and David Stewart Ingleton (banjo) who have performed as support for Billy Bragg, The Wood Brothers, Timber Timbre, Other Lives, and Nathaniel Rateliff. They have also performed at such well-known festivals as the Truck Festival in Oxfordshire and Maverick Festival in Suffolk, England. Joining them is multiinstrumentalist Tomás Peralta (double bass, mandolin and lapsteel).

The name “Yonder Boys” comes from the fun fact that all three players hail from separate continents around the globe.

Their self-titled debut EP comes out April 12 on Blue Whale Records.

Yonder Boys, Thursday the 22nd of November 2018 at 8pm – Bettstatt Bar.

Collection Box.

The Curly Organ AKA Donal McConnon (IRE) on the 25th of October 2018 @DublinSud

No idea what to expect. Donal Mc Connon is probably as diverse and pretty freaky as the entire Neustadtstrasse together. It could be the killer of the series Fargo, which seduces people to action with sociological wisdom – I think Donnal could do that with his The Curly Organ as well.

Donal will take our hands and guide us through a museum of human extreme and banal experiences. Sociologists and freaks, that will be fun 🙂

In Galway Donal is well known as a band member of the nationally loved Prog Folk outfit band My Fellow Sponges.

Thursday on the 25th of October around the corner at the Bar of the B&B Bettstatt, Neustadtstr. 10, Lucerne. Collection Box.

Let’s share music! x

Ye Vagabonds (IRE) Folk/Tradmusic on the 13th of September 2018 @DublinSud

Walsh’s Stoneybatter, Dublin. Most likely it was raining when we met the brothers Diarmuid & Brian Mac Gloinn. They were sitting around a table, together with friends during a TradSession. We were lost – in music, in time and in Guiness & Tea. Ye Vagabonds.

They grew up in rural Carlow but moved to Dublin in 2012 and became known on the traditional Irish, blues and folk scenes in the city, playing folk songs as well as their own original material. Their blend of harmonic folk music is influenced by traditional Irish and European music, American old time, and the music of the 1960s folk revival.

Myles O’Reilly, he said once about their music: “Going backwards to go forwards, look not to modern day influence to inspire their sound, but prefer to absorb and reflect the most genuine leanings of deep tradition, playing folk music that resonates as pure and honest as it has since time immemorial. In an age where styles have a limited shelf life, and musicians so often live by definition of their sell-by date, Ye Vagabonds make music that honours timeless sincerity with acoustic fireside storytelling that will sound as current a hundred years from now as it has a hundred generations past.”

Times goes by but it’s still possible to meet Ya Vagabonds in a pub like on Thursday the 13th of September 2018 at the Bar of the B&B Bettstatt-Neustadt in Luzern at 8pm. No reservation possible. Collection Box.

Let’s share music! x

Space Is Big @Sedel – Steve Strong (UK), Preamp Disaster, Rufus Coates & Jess Smith (IRE) and Katie O’Connor (IRE)

… and loud & crowded mit allerlei.
Du denkst, es sei ein langer Weg rauf zum Sedel, aber das ist ‘ne Kleinigkeit im Universum. Ground Control to Anja, Ürsu, Steff, Nis & an die DubSud Community und abheben zu: Space Is Big! Es hat altbekannte Gesichter dabei 🙂
Steve Strong Music (UK – Post Rock) – 23 Uhr
Steve Strong (g/d) ist unser Astronaut. Er alleine katapultiert uns ins Universum mit seinen Beats, mit seinem tapping und mit den zurückhaltend wie epochalen, skelettartig wie vielschichtigen, schillernd wie pulsierenden Melodien. Es glitzert, schwingt und explodiert um dich herum an den richtigen Stellen. Es gleitet anmutig von einem Abschnitt zum anderen und du fühlst dich so was von absolut frei. “Neat Monster”
Link: https://stevestrongmusic.bandcamp.com/

PREAMP DISASTER (Atmospheric Postdoom) – 21:30 Uhr
Preamp Disaster vermischen Elemente verschiedener Musikstile wie doomigen Metal, Stonerrock und progressiven Rock. In die Songs von Preamp Disaster tauchst du ein, du fliesst mit ihr mit und wirst von ihr davongetragen. “Silence”
Link: https://www.preampdisaster.ch/

Rufus Coates & the Blackened Trees (IRE-DirtyBlack Blues) – 20 Uhr
Die Welt ist ein raues Pflaster. Das Irische Combo Rufus Coates & Jess Smith bringen dies mit ihren zwei so einzigartigen Stimmen rüber. Die düsteren Songs erschüttern deine Seele und birgen doch so viel Schönheit, dass es dir auch irgendwie warm wird ums Herz. Truly friends! “Modern-Day Cathedrals”

Katie O’Connor (IRE – Singer Songwriter) – 18 Uhr
Katie O’Connor’s tiefe, rauhe Stimme zu ihren mal leicht, mal melancholischen Folksongs lässt dich ankommen in der City Blue des Weltalls. “City Blue”

Cheese On Cheese gibt euch die Energie schwerelos zu sein.

Shuttlebus düst euch rauf.
Eintritt: 20.- Kometen

Liebgruss & shout out loud!

Katie O’Connor (IRE) for very spontanious & wild friends @DubSud – Samstag 19. Mai 2018

Katie O’Connor, das ist Familie. Wenn wir was feiern, da gehört sie mit dazu. Und eigentlich unsere ganze DubSud Gallway-family wie Louise Kissane, Steven Sharpe, Pa O’Ríada und solche die wie noch nicht kennen wie Donal Mc Connon, der uns aber bald im Oktober besuchen kommt.

Radio 3FACH fragt öfters, “Na was können den die Zuhörer von deinem Konzert erwarten?” Bei Katie O’Connor: Sie begeistert durch ihre starken, lyrischen Songtexten, ihren eingängigen Melodien und durch ihre tiefe, raue Stimme. Ihre eigenen Songs, vielfälltig wie unser Leben. Von Dancing With The Devil über Let’s Get Married (übrigens war das ein Voting Song für Gay-Marriage) oder ihr wunderbarees Cover von Nina Simone Black Is The Colour.

Mehr Infos zu Katie unter: http://caitomusic.co/

Also solltet ihr in keinem Zelt sein, keine romantischen Weekends in Paris verbringen, let’s celebrate die guten alten Pfingsten-Tage mit uns in die Nacht hinein, in der Bar des B&B Bettstatt-Neustadt in Luzern. Start 20 Uhr. Kollekte.

Let’s share music! x

Rufus Coates & The Blackened Trees (IRE) – Dirty Dark Blues/Folk on the 12th of April 2018

The Irish dark folk / blues combo Rufus Coates & The Blackened Trees are a unique, dark and atmospheric blues/folk band from Ireland currently based in Berlin Germany.

In Ireland, the album was already voted the album of the week in the Irish Times and even secured the number one of the iTunes Blues charts.

The deep voice of Rufus Coates creates a beautiful contrast to the gentle vocals of his bandmate Jess Smith. The dense atmosphere of the music immediately draws the listener into another world and is perfectly suited to escape everyday life. Above with their song “Here All Day”.

Their live show is one not to be missed and always promises to be an atmospheric and heartfelt affair.

Thursday the 12th of April 2018 at the bar of the B&B Bettstatt in Lucerne at 8 pm. Collection Box.

See ya all there!

Fingerstyle-Gitarrist Thomas Leeb @Dublin Sud on the 1st of March 2018

Thomas Leeb picked up the guitar for the same reason as every thirteen-year-old boy: he wanted to meet girls. He soon fell in love with the instrument, played his first solo concert at the age of fifteen and released his first acoustic guitar album at seventeen.

Leeb is a frequent performer at concerts and festivals in Asia, the Americas and Europe and has been featured in numerous guitar magazines all over the world. Every year, he teaches workshops and master classes in universities and colleges and his album “Desert Pirate” was voted one of the essential albums of the last twenty years by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

His peculiar guitar style owes as much to percussive techniques as traditional fingerstyle guitar. What sets Thomas Leeb apart from some of his contemporaries is his ability to make pyrotechnics serve the music. Three years studying West African traditional music give him a sense of timing and groove that is unusual in a guitarist.

On the 1st of March 2018 at 9pm at the Bettstatt Bar in Lucerne. Collection box. It goes all to the musician. See ya all there folks!



Katie O’Connor & Steven Sharpe (IRE) “To Gaze Upon Us” @DubSud on Saturday the 17th of February 2018

Katie O’Connor and Steven Sharpe are two of Galway’s most prolific and established gay musicians. Steven and Katie’s new project “To Gaze Upon Us” which debuted in April in the Róisín Dubh in Galway and nowcoming to Kerry.
Sharpe takes O’Connor to more upbeat areas as she leads him to more sentimental and heartfelt places. Blending their individual styles, Katie’s melodic vocals beautifully complements Steven’s flamboyant sass to create a lush new sound.
Saturday, the 17th of February 2018 at Bettstatt Bar at 8pm. Collection Box.
See ya all there!
Since her beginning in Galway 2011, Katie O´Connor has shared her music on stages and streets throughout Europe. In the midst of attaining a midwifery degree, Katie found herself being drawn to creating and sharing music on the street. After qualifying as a midwife, she took early retirement, shaved her head and started afresh in Berlin with just her guitar, her voice and a desire to be true to herself. Although based mainly in Ireland for the time being, Katie spends much of the year on the road bringing her music and message to those who wish to listen. Songs and stories entwined, she delivers a gripping performance each and every time backed up by powerful lyrics and an unrivalled raspy voice. Recently releasing her fourth album, ‘Fuel For Dreaming’ in May, has been met with a very positive response from her listeners.
“Songwriter, storyteller, raconteur, guitarist, entertainer, and challenger of traditional gender and sexual roles, Steven Sharpe is a man deserving of the term ‘multi-talented’… Flamboyant and outrageous, Steven’s witty tales of contemporary gay life are filtered through Led Zeppelin influenced blues stompers and dexterous acoustic numbers.” – Kernan Andrews, advertiser.ie
“One of Galways best kept secrets”
-Body & Soul, HotPress.com

Inni-K (IRE) Indie-Folk singer & songwriter & multi-instrumentalist @DubSud Thursday the 4th of January 2018

With her transcendent voice and beautiful songs, set off with tight musicianship and arresting stage craft; Kildare singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Inni-K is a force to watch.

Her exciting new debut album, ‘The King has Two Horse’s Ears‘, produced by Stephen Shannon, brings out the best of Inni-K’s unique indie-folk treasures, with the help of the immense skills of band members Brian Walsh on drums & percussion and Cormac O’Brien on double bass, along with special guests Seán Mac Erlaine on clarinets and Kevin Murphy on cello.

The Co. Kildare based artist has shared stages with such diverse artists as the world renowned Malian kora master Toumani Diabaté at his request at The Cork Opera House; Efterklang, Tiny Ruins, Wallis Bird, This is how we Fly, The Walls, Luka Bloom, and many more. She has featured on RTE Other Voices, toured the world alongside Liam Ó Maonlaí in contemporary dance theatre show ‘Rian’, and ran a hugely successful fund:it campaign to fund her debut album which was released March 2015, and which continues to receive high praise at home and abroad.



More than happy to welcome Inni-K on DubSud stage. 4th of January 2018. 8pm. Collection box.

See ya there folks! x