Lorcan Lyons (IRE) on Saint Nicolaus Day @DubSud

Lorcan Lyons (IRE), I discovered and picked him up for two years ago at the Another Love Story Festival. He only sings for pure pleasure. He will leave his Mo – SA job for once, just for us, for to bring the Capri-Sun from Ireland to us.

Lorcan has no links or videos. He is the guy from your living room. It will be a surprise like a Samichlaussäckli.

All of that in the Bettstatt Bar, your bar around the corner. The bar with fine cocktails, homemade ginger schnaps and good & home-made beer and fairtrade Spanish nuts. Concert at 8pm. Collection box.

Your DubSud









Katie O’Connor (IRE) – Saturday the 4th of March 2017 at 8pm

Katie O’Connor (IRE)  will be back in Lucerne with new songs. Almost on CD and for sure at our concert with Dublin Sud. Welcome home Katie!


Katie O’Connor is an Irish singer-songwriter. Her strong lyrical expression and catchy melodies are delivered through deep, raspy tones which capture the essence of her compositions perfectly. Her broad musical style ranges from melancholic acoustic folk to the uptempo, sensual and soulful.

More information about Katie on Busker Diaries “City Blue“.

Collection // No reservation are possible, sorry // Bar open at 5pm // Concert 8pm

See ya there folks!

Nicholas Timothy (IRE) Folk, Blues & Soul Thursday 02.02.2017 @DubSud


Guests can also make suggestions for Dublin Sud musician. With Nicholas, is was like this. It was easy, because Nicholas Song “Lost Things” convinced humorously.

Our Pearl: Lost Things

The song reminded us of our “Wall Of Lost Thing” with all the things that our musicians of Dublin Sud already forgot in our flat. Shower cap, T-shirt, sock, plectrum …

The singer-songwriter from the beautiful spot Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland, has a personal wish which we can suport perfectly:

„In 2017 I wish to write as much music as possible and play with as many new talents as I can.“

Brilliant, that we can suport his wish. His original music includes elements of Blues, Folk and Soul music.

On Thursday, the 2nd February 2017, he will play at 8pm in the Bettstatt Bar of the B & B Neustadt. Collection.

We are looking forward to the new DubSud year. See ya ‘there folks!

More information about Nicholas: fb, soundcloud

Marc O’Reilly & Band (IRE) Folk, Blues, Roots & support Ed Prosek (USA) singer-songwriter on Saturday the 12th of Nov. 2016

Marc-O'Reilly-Europe-Nov-2016-Web-v2Marc O’Reilly‘s inimitable bluesy, folksy, whiskey whispering style will you blow away! He is on our top-ten-DublinSud-list. To welcome him and his band on the 12th of November in Lucerne is an overwhelming honor. Why?

Have a listen to his second album ‘Human Herdings‘ (re-release March 2016). Fans from John Martyn will fall in in love with his album after listening those 9-track-collection of songs. It’s an exercise in brevity and intimacy that draws from a minimalist palette of mostly fingerpicked acoustic guitar.

Lighthouse‘ and ‘Just So’ are beautifully affecting in their simplicity. Songs as like as ‘You Never‘ and ‘The Wayward Shepherd‘ shows the balance of rock and blues. So with incoming depth and ragingly musical joy, Marc O’Reilly and his band members are moving between wild elements of blues and soulful folk. We are full of anticipation!

Ed, we didn’t expect. He isn’t Irish. But probably every American has Irish roots. Or he may likes the Irish whisky. The correlation between Ed Prosek and Ireland, we will find it. Perhaps only on Saturday, on 12/11/2016, when he is as support of Marc O’Reilly & Band on stage. Then it’s your turn. He convinced us with “Hold On Tight” and that he probably loves California as we love ‘Good Old Dub’. Fervor. We want that. So stage on for Ed Prosek.

The Californian singer-songwriter is a musician of astonishing talent. His arrangements – I’m impressed. Is it his training at the Conservatory of Music in San Francisco? Or his mother, the opera composer, which has probably annoyed him with children’s operas? Or – better – probably talent and passion and everything above that makes it to him. Ed Prosek.

Ed released his newest Ep ‘Truth’ in Spring 2016, and not only has it been featured on the front page of Apple Music, built his following to over 100,000 monthly listeners and nearly a million streams on Spotify, but it has also been playlisted on major radio stations across Europe.

Fuck Sake! That’s what we say in Dub to that. All that in our little Bettstatt.

The Bettstatt Bar will be open at 5pm. The concert will start around 8pm. No reservation – we are sorry for that. Collection.

Pa Reidy @DublinSud on the 11th of August 2016


Pa PaReidy_WelcomeReidy (IRE) said in Juni spontaneously that he will come to Lucerne, to Dublin Sud. Of course, we pick up the musician from the Basel airport. Not quite sure, if we will find him, we paint on the train this picture. Maybe he cut his beard, we didn’t know each other, only from text messages. In them I’m superwoman  and he the shy musician from the windy city of Galway. At the airport separates us the window of the customs. On it sticked the picture “Pa Reidy – Welcome”. We laugh. He stands in the French part and we here on the Swiss part of the airport.

We were all surprised by the many listeners, which found their way to the Bar of the Bettstatt at an exceptionally not rainy DublinSud evening. Pa thought, that it was great, that there were such a mixed bunch. From the 19 years-old-groupies up to the over 30 years old “which are still going out!”, as like as we heard at this evening. Pa shared his Pa_19own songs from his album “The Treehouse Empire” and told us about himself, the creation of his songs and fascinated us by his personality. Ireland means poems, stories and from the great Irish heritage, Pa interpreted the poem of Patrick Kavanagh “Raglan Road”. For homesick Irish people are such songs very special moments.

Thank you Pa for sharing your music! Many thanks also to Slavi. She is a great young musician from Zug, she blew us away. Also to the Bettstatt Bar team, Severin Ettlin our house photographer and our lovely sandwich maker and you, our guests and listeners which allows with  your collection such nights. Cheers!


Pa Reidy (IRE) – Singer-Songwriter in concert – 11th of August 2016 @DublinSud

Summer breaks are difficult to endure. Therefore plays Pa Reidy (IRE) on the 11th of August 2016 at Dublin Sud and thus in the bar of the Bar des B&B Bettstatt in Luzern.
Pa ReidyThe extremely likeable and tousled musician is with heart and soul into music as you can see in the portrait Beauty Of A Busker. He actually comes from County Clare (IRE), but plays for about four years in the streets of Galway, in Ireland, Germany and so on various festivals, wonderful open mics, in pubs and especially in the Róisín Dubh (Black Little Rose), an absolutely fantastic place for discovering all kind of music.

What’s with this Pa Reidy? It’s his throaty, melodic voice. Last year he published his second album “The Treehouse Reich”. It was created during three years of intensive gigging and busking times on the west coast of Ireland. From this the audiopearl: Gold Medal.

Part audible in his voice and in his lyrics, Pa is influenced by Glen Hansard, Tom Waits & Bon Iver. His songs are structured simply and usually consist of a few, subtle guitar chords and honest lyrics.

Pa Reidy plays in Dublin Sud on Thursday the 11th of August 2016 at 8pm in the bar of the Bettstatt. Small & fine. The bar is open from 5pm.

As always: collection.

More information about Pa Reidy:

Peter Doran … see ya soon!

Peter Doran played on the 2nd of June with Dublin Sud at the Bar from the B&B Bettstatt in Luzern. A concert in your living-rooom, with friends, small and fine. Peter was really in Lucerne. He talked about the dragon story from our mountain Pilatus and in the second set he only wanted to play Iron Maidon covers because of the big event form the next day at the Allmend Lucerne. With his Bob Dylan “Love Minus Zero” cover, he took us with his memories to his wedding, which he celebrated a few weeks before. Peter made the people in the Bettstatt singing. Who woud have thought this.

Not only we loved this night. Peter wrote in his blog:

“The trip in Lucerne ended on a high with a great show in front of a listening audience. It felt so good to connect with people again. That’s the key really. It’s not about wanting to be listened to or needing to be validated somehow. It just feels good to share a musical experience with your fellow humans. It’s the same feeling I look for every time I go to a show.”


For all which missed Peter. He will play on the 9th of November at the Schüür in Luzern. Die Schüür wrote about his music-style: “To-get-under-your-skin-folk. Honest as like as fragile, crying but sill never sad. Handkerchief.”

See ya there folks!

Peter Doran Thursday 2nd of June 2016 @DublinSud


Like his Granny and her neighbor, we don’t understand it, that Peter Doran (voc/g) isn’t yet famous and infamous or has his own car.  His album “Outlines” reflects namely its special songwriting talent. The Irish music critic Dan Hegarty writes:

“It’s fragile, it’s beautiful, it’s elegant… it’s everything that you’d hope for from an album.”

But his Granny is quite right. He writes beautiful songs, lives for his music and that is actually the essence. As listeners which are loving the music is it moreover wonderful to hear Peter Doran so to speak in our living room.

Peter Doran will play on Thursday the 2nd of June 2016 at 8pm at the Bar des B&B Bettstatt-Neustadt in Luzern. Small & fine. The Bar is open at 5pm.

You can discover his granny und his music with this portrait by Myles O’Reilly “A Day Well Spent With Peter Doran”.


See you there folks!

Peter Doran – 06/02/2016 – Singer-Songwriter (IRE) @DublinSud

Peter Doran’s (voc/g) combination of vocals and melody create a natural intimacy, one that makes the listener feel as though he is sharing his best kept secrets with them. That’s fascinating.
Peter will be a friend. With his sympathetic nature – anything else would not be possible.
Listening Pearl: Tug by Peter Doran
It’s like Christmas and Easter together, that we can say “Hello” to Peter Doran at Dublin Sud. So it will be on Thursday the 2nd June 2016 on 8pm at the Bar of the B&B Bettstatt Collection.
More information: