Stoph Bjornson (CH) & Steve Strong (UK) @Dublin Sud Samstag 30.03.19

Neustädli, letzten Sommer. Zwei fanden sich am Tisch zwischen Cordon Bleu, Bristol, Hawaii Hose und ihren Gitarren. Sie schlossen einen Handel. Eine Gitarre geht rauf nach Bristol, eine kommt runter nach Luzern. Hey, es bleibt in der Familie. Aber eben, „You won’t part with yours either“. Daher vereinen sich am Samstag den 30.3.2019 in der Bettstatt Bar Ambient Afro mit Alternative Experimental Post Rock. Sie können nicht ohne die Eine sein.

Stoph Bjornson. Ein Multiinstrumentalist. Man liest von einem virtuosen Tuba-Terror-Lehrling, kennt ihn von der frivolen Volkspunkjazzband Azz Jazz und als Bassist in divers zusammengewürfelten Musikprojekten. Da er sich schlecht vermarkten kann und mein Musikerwissen begrenzt ist, könnte es einige Lücken in der Bio jetzt haben. Daher besser vorbeikommen zu Afro Ambient – Bassist Stoph El Oso Ruckli alias Stoph Bjornson trifft auf …

Steve Strong Music. Er ist ein Chamäleon. Zuhause im Mathe-Rock, Post-Punk, Hardcore, Psychedelia, Trip Hop, experimentellem Jazz und sogar Folk. Ständig ist er am Aufnehmen, spielen und wie Stoph wirkt er in unterschiedlichen Projekten mit. Eine Kultfigur im Untergrund Bristols. Im Januar 2019 brachte er sein zweites Album raus. Turbo Island. Tom Stokley schrieb dazu „it is the music we need right now – astrophysical sounds for troubled times that exist beyond our differences.“


Zwei Musiker. Eine Familie. Modern wie Patchwork. Am Samstag, den 30.3.2019 in der Bettstatt Bar um 21 Uhr. Kollekte.

You won’t part with them either.
Let’s share music.

Nicholas Timothy (IRE) Folk, Blues, Soul @Dublin Sud on Thursday the 14th of February

Nicholas Timothy is a singer songwriter based on the west coast of Ireland. His original music includes elements of folk, soul and roots music. He will be showcasing a number of songs from his recently released album Down With The Wind along with some older compostions.

Come along for a romantic night of originals and seen as though it is valentines day, a few lovemaking classics to soothe the evening away.

Thursday the 14th of February at 8pm at the B&B Bettstatt Bar Lucerne. Collection Box

Peter Doran Thursday 2nd of June 2016 @DublinSud


Like his Granny and her neighbor, we don’t understand it, that Peter Doran (voc/g) isn’t yet famous and infamous or has his own car.  His album “Outlines” reflects namely its special songwriting talent. The Irish music critic Dan Hegarty writes:

“It’s fragile, it’s beautiful, it’s elegant… it’s everything that you’d hope for from an album.”

But his Granny is quite right. He writes beautiful songs, lives for his music and that is actually the essence. As listeners which are loving the music is it moreover wonderful to hear Peter Doran so to speak in our living room.

Peter Doran will play on Thursday the 2nd of June 2016 at 8pm at the Bar des B&B Bettstatt-Neustadt in Luzern. Small & fine. The Bar is open at 5pm.

You can discover his granny und his music with this portrait by Myles O’Reilly “A Day Well Spent With Peter Doran”.


See you there folks!

Peter Doran – 06/02/2016 – Singer-Songwriter (IRE) @DublinSud

Peter Doran’s (voc/g) combination of vocals and melody create a natural intimacy, one that makes the listener feel as though he is sharing his best kept secrets with them. That’s fascinating.
Peter will be a friend. With his sympathetic nature – anything else would not be possible.
Listening Pearl: Tug by Peter Doran
It’s like Christmas and Easter together, that we can say “Hello” to Peter Doran at Dublin Sud. So it will be on Thursday the 2nd June 2016 on 8pm at the Bar of the B&B Bettstatt Collection.
More information:

Dermot Kennedy – 05/12/2016 – Singer-Songwriter (IRE) @DublinSud

You can hear Dermot Kennedy in a sold out venue like Whelan, in a pub during a cosy singer-songwriter session, even in Vicar Street at the benefit concert with Glen Hansard or next day on the street of Dublin. What you hear in his voice is unmistakable honesty and you can feel his passion for music and the Irish Soul.

Dublin Sud is very excited to welcome the alt-folk musician from the Wicklow Mountains. On Thursday the 12th of May 2016 you can listen to his music (voc/piano/gitarre) at the bar or the B&B Bettstatt at 8pm. Collection.


Listening Pearl: Shelter by Dermot Kennedy

More information:


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